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Spill Kits

Clean up spills in your workplace quickly and easily

Having the right spill kit readily available to tend to any spill is vital in any environment. Our selection includes oil-only drum spill kits, high-visibility spill kits for hazardous spills that require safety warnings, mobile spill kaddies that can be moved anywhere you need them, and others to address spills that may occur in your facility.

Click here to view our exclusive Spill Kit Selection Guide to help you prepare for spills before they happen.

24 Products

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  • 30-Gallon Spill Kits

    Starting at $318.99
  • Economy Spill Kits

    Starting at $54.99
  • Ansul® Spill-X® Treatment Kits

    Starting at $188.90
  • Attack Pac Spill Kits

    Starting at $354.99
  • ALLWIK Universal Spill Kits

    Starting at $294.99
  • Emergency Response Kits

    Starting at $108.99
  • Mobile Spill Kaddies

    Starting at $678.99
24 Products

Grid List

When a spill occurs in your facility, you need to act fast to avoid slips, trips, and falls, as well as potential damage to valuable equipment and machinery. Keeping several spill kits on hand can help your workforce prepare for emergency spill cleanups. Seton's spill kits are available in a variety of sizes to address different types of spills. Consider placing portable universal spill kits in areas where they can be accessed easily, or choose from oil-only or chemical kits to clean up specific materials.

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