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Fire Safety, Emergency Exit & Fire Signs

Highly visible fire safety signs and emergency exit signs in low visibility conditions

Keep workers and visitors safe across facilities with easy-to-see fire signs and exit signs. Our wide selection of bright and illuminated fire safety signs and fire exit signs include Jessup Glo Brite Photoluminescent Exit and 3-Way View Fire Extinguisher Down Arrow signs, Emergency Evacuation Map Insert Frames, and other evacuation and fire escape signs. Available in various styles, materials, and finishes, our fire and emergency exit signs are designed to satisfy both facility and fire safety legal requirements.

For helpful fire evacuation resources, view our Evacuation Guidance System and
Exit and Evacuation Checklist
fact sheets.

Fire Safety, Emergency Exit & Fire Sign Finder

Make it easy for workers and visitors to find safe exits during fires and other emergencies with attention-grabbing exit signs. Before unfortunate events strike, post clearly illuminated fire safety and emergency exit signs to help people evacuate safely.

Nobody ever goes to work thinking that a fire or other workplace emergency is going to happen today. Unfortunately, it happens more often than you might imagine. According to OSHA, workplace fires and explosions alone injure more than 5,000 workers every year… and kill over 200. If it did happen… today… at YOUR workplace… what would YOUR chances be of becoming a statistic?

In normal circumstances, employees use designated employee entrances and exits in order to enter and leave their building. But in the event of an emergency, your regular exit might not be the quickest or safest way out of your facility.

Take a moment and look around your immediate workplace, for the nearest point of egress or Emergency Exit Door. OSHA requires all doors that open directly to the outside be equipped with UL 924 Listed Exit Signs. These signs can be either electrically powered, or Photoluminescent which require no electricity at all.

If you cannot locate your nearest Exit door at a glance, look for any “Pathway to Exit Marking" or “Pathmarking" Signage in your area… like these. Pathways must be clearly marked every 100 feet from the actual exit with a sign directing you to that exit door. They can also inform you of which way NOT to go. OSHA requires all doors or passageways along a pathway that could be mistaken for an exit to be marked with a sign saying “Not An Exit" or with a sign that clearly identifies its use.

An unexpected emergency situation could abruptly cut off all electricity in your facility. Pitch black warehouses, stairwells and other enclosed spaces can lead to a rise in evacuation related injuries and even deaths. Glow-in-the-Dark exit signage, Tapes, Arrows, and Floor Markers are extremely effective in marking pathways, stairways and door frames in low or no light situations. They can also be the difference between life and death during a fire emergency. In a Fire… thick, noxious smoke can seriously hinder your ability to see “Pathmarking" Signage placed at eye level or above. Glow Tapes, Arrows and Floor Markers placed at floor level can light your way out.

Once you’ve made it out of the building, you need to move as quickly as possible to your facility’s pre-determined Emergency Evacuation Area. Once there, report to your immediate supervisor right away, to let them know you made it out safely. Do not leave! Your absence might lead others to believe that you’re still inside the building, and could possibly result in the injury or death of those that could be sent in to rescue you!

Having a thorough emergency evacuation plan is vital to ensure the safety and well being of everyone in your facility.

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